Bakhmut is Ukraine: the military showed how the state flag flutters over the city


Bakhmut – this is Ukraine: the military showed how the state flag flutters over the city< /p>

Fighters of the 24th Mechanized Brigade named after King Daniel congratulated Ukrainians on the Day of Unity. The defenders hung the Ukrainian flag on the TV tower in Bakhmut.

Bakhmut is a Ukrainian city. The warriors stressed that they are protecting him now and will protect him to the end.

The city is under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A soldier climbs the TV tower, from which a view of the city destroyed by the occupiers opens. Also on the video you can hear the constant sounds of explosions and shooting.

A flag of Ukraine flutters over Bakhmut: watch the video

A warrior of the 24th brigade says that Bakhmut is Ukraine, and no one will take this city from us.

What is happening in Bakhmut: in short

  • British intelligence reported that the war had reached a stalemate. However, there is a real possibility of the Russians moving around Bakhmut.
  • During the battles near Soledar and Bakhmut, the Defense Forces managed to neutralize almost 14,000 Wagnerians – liquidate 4,000, and inflict injuries on 10,000.
  • Journalists Al Jazeera, who were in Bakhmut, Donetsk region, recorded the moments of hitting the house. They noted that the Russians had intensified shelling of the city.
  • Earlier, on January 17, the SBU reported that it had inflicted hell on the Russians near Bakhmut, who were hiding in the trenches. In addition, on January 16, border guards killed 12 Russians and wounded 17. The enemy tried to capture one of the advanced strongholds near the city.

The President congratulated Ukrainians on the Day Conciliarity

The head of state stressed that if the struggle is not stopped, then a single and independent state will be restored. If true unity is not achieved, then independence will be lost.

February 24 has become a new Day of Unity for Ukrainians. Zelensky noted that on this day, not only the two banks united, but the whole people united.

Fighters from all over Ukraine courageously defend every corner of their native land. Every conscientious citizen, no matter where he was born, is now defending his Donbass, his Galicia, his Slobozhanshchina and his Crimea. The head of state assured that together we will defend Ukraine and defeat the enemy.

“The only one, because it is strong. Strong, because it is the only one,” the President summed up.

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