Bakhmut on fire: SOF soldiers showed how they defend the indestructible city


Bahmut on fire: SSO soldiers showed how they defend the indestructible city

Bakhmut's defense has already gone down in history. Ukrainian heroes show fantastic courage and for months defend the city from Russian invaders.

Russian invaders are trying in vain to break through the defenses of Bakhmut. Ukrainian heroes put up powerful resistance and do not give the enemy any chance to realize their tasks.

The command of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published a video from Bakhmut.

Stand! The soldiers of the MTR, together with their brothers, continue to defend Bakhmut, the message says.

What is happening in Bakhmut: watch the video

In addition, the defenders of Bakhmut announced on the network news.

What is happening in Bakhmut

Russian occupiers prevail in numbers. At the same time, the Ukrainian defenders are powerfully rebuffing the enemy. Russian occupiers are packaged every day. The enemy is suffering huge losses. The United States stated that in Bakhmut Russia lost about 100 thousand occupiers wounded and liquidated. The lion's share of the “packaged” are Wagnerians. In recent months, the losses of the terrorist country have only increased.

In addition, the Russian invaders are terrified of a counteroffensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The occupiers are already well aware that they have no chance of getting at least some results.

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