Basis for the future of Ukraine in NATO: what does the declaration on the condemnation of rashism give


Basis for Ukraine's future in NATO: what does the declaration condemning rashism give

The NATO Parliamentary Assembly recognized Russia's crimes against Ukraine as genocide, and the terrorist regime in the aggressor country as racism. The Declaration formulates concrete steps regarding the future of Ukraine in the Alliance.

About thisChannel 24Yegor Chernev, People's Deputy of Ukraine, member of the Permanent Delegation of Ukraine to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, said. According to him, they worked on this declaration jointly with the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

“This is a policy document that gives a” pass “to our governments and the countries that will make decisions at the summit in Vilnius regarding Ukraine's future in NATO. We laid this foundation so that, building on it, we can formulate specific proposals for our future in NATO,” he said.

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The first mention of the term “rashism” at the international level

Yegor Chernev noted that 31 NATO countries voted for this declaration. There were some discussions about this decision, because not everyone has heard about the concept of “rashism”. But the deputies were convinced that this term has existed for several years, and it needs to be fixed in the international arena.

This is the first time it appears in official documents. In particular, in the declaration of the parliamentary assembly. This is important, but it is only one point of what is enshrined in this declaration. There is a mention that Putin's arrest in absentia is connected with an act of genocide. There is also about our future in NATO,” said the People’s Deputy.

A member of the Permanent Delegation of Ukraine to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly stressed: it is said that our partners will help Ukraine fulfill all the conditions and develop a plan with specific steps that must be taken both sides.

Chernev on the declaration that recognized the crimes of Russia as genocide: watch the video NATO recognized Russia's crimes against Ukraine as genocide. Also, the terrorist regime in Russia is recognized as racism.

  • Yegor Chernev said that the declaration speaks of supporting “an international tribunal, and helping Ukraine before and after victory, and condemning the ideology of rashism, and restoring territorial integrity, and sanctions , and reparations, and the Marshall Plan, and much more”.
  • Also, the NATO PA called on the governments of their countries to openly announce at the summit in Vilnius that Ukraine will become a member of the Alliance and agree on the next concrete steps for Ukraine's entry into NATO.
  • Recall that on May 2, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine officially recognized the state ideology of Russia as “rashism” and called on international organizations and governments of democratic countries to support the condemnation of this policy.
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