Basques, Prigozhin's structures and propagandists: Canada imposed new sanctions against Russia


Basques, Prigozhin's structures and propagandists: Canada imposed new sanctions against Russia

The Canadian government has imposed new sanctions against Russia amid its invasion of Ukraine. The list of sanctions included 38 individuals and 16 legal entities. All of them are related to the spread of Russian disinformation and propaganda.

The full list of people who fell under the sanctions was published by the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The list of sanctions, in particular, includes:< /p>

  • the state-owned media company Rossiya Segodnya, uniting the Russian-language information resources of RIA Novosti, PRIME, INOSMI, TOK, KOT, Baltnews,, Social Navigator and;
  • United World International and the Foundation for the Fight against Repressions , the subjects of disinformation, are closely associated with the founder and owner of the Wagner PPK, Yevgeny Prigozhin;
  • singer Nikolai Baskov, who visited Russian troops in the occupied territories of Ukraine and performed at a pro-war and pro-regime concert on Red Square in Moscow in support of the illegal annexation of Ukrainian territory.

Canada is taking active steps to combat Russian disinformation as part of its efforts to support Ukraine. Cultural icons and media organizations should not be allowed to freely use their status to promote lies and unjustified support for Putin's war, said Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly.

In Russia, they have already rushed to give out another nonsense about this. Thus, the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, compared Canada's sanctions against Russian figures with the practices of the Third Reich.

The following were also subject to restrictions:

  • Mikhail Boyarsky;
  • Marat Basharov;
  • Dima Bilan;
  • Larisa Dolina;
  • Mikhail Galustyan;
  • Nikolai Rastorguev;
  • Oleg Gazmanov;
  • Polina Gagarina;
  • Nadezhda Babkina;
  • Irina Allegrova;
  • Maxim Averin;
  • Dmitry Dyuzhev and others.

We add that the European Union in the new sanctions packages may also impose restrictions on Russian propagandists, singers and directors. Among them are Grigory Leps, Nikita Mikhalkov and others. The documents “walk through” each of the defendants.

For example, they indicate that Boris Korchevnikov publishes information on social networks that imposes associations of the West and Ukraine with “godlessness” and the devil on people. While Mikheev talks about the need for the so-called “denazification” and glorifies the “Russian world”.

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