Battle for Bakhmut: CNN told where the most active battles take place


Battle for Bakhmut: CNN told where the most active battles take place

Heavy and fierce fighting continues in Bakhmut. The Armed Forces of Ukraine firmly hold the defense of the city and repulse Russian terrorists.

The most active fighting is now taking place in the northern region of Bakhmut. This is confirmed by footage from social networks.

What's happening in Bakhmut

Fighting is currently taking place around the AZOM metallurgical plant located in the northern part of the city. Journalists claim that Wagner mercenaries were photographed in one of the plant's workshops. And one of the Wagnerites said that Ukrainian artillery was hitting them hard.

Dozens of shells arrive here every day. They have a lot of ammunition, they are replenished daily. They do not allow our fighters to raise their heads,” Wagner complained.

Recently, Russian propagandists reported that Wagner militants had begun storming the underground sections of the AZOM plant.

According to an independent battlefield analysis, Wagner units appear to be making limited progress around Bakhmut, but they remain well clear of encirclement and may be vulnerable to a Ukrainian counterattack.

The situation in Bakhmut: latest news

  • Anna Malyar said that the occupiers are trying to advance near Bakhmut. The goal of the invaders is to surround the city from several sides and capture it. At the same time, thanks to the heroism and courage of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there is a positive trend for Ukraine.
  • The Deputy Minister of Defense also noted that some good things happened in the North of Bakhmut. Details cannot yet be revealed. At the same time, the Ukrainian military is doing everything to prevent the invaders from realizing their plans.

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