Battles for Bakhmut have reached the highest level of tension, – Syrsky


Battles for Bakhmut have reached the highest level of tension, - Syrsky

Colonel-General Alexander Syrsky again visited Bakhmut in the Donetsk region – he visited the units defending the city and the approaches to it.

According to the commander, the battles for Bakhmut reached the highest level of tension.

The enemy threw additional Wagner forces into battle. Our soldiers courageously defend their positions in the north of Bakhmut, trying to prevent the encirclement of the city, – said Alexander Syrsky.

He recalled that the resistance of the defense forces in this place has been going on for several months. Attempts by the Russians to capture Bakhmut are shattered by the resilience of Ukrainian soldiers. The Armed Forces of Ukraine inflicted significant losses on the enemy.

“Our defenders inflicted significant damage on the enemy, destroyed a large amount of equipment, forced the best Wagner assault units to be thrown into battle and reduced the offensive potential of the enemy,” the commander added.

Note! The Commander of the Land Forces, Colonel General Alexander Syrsky, visited Bakhmut yesterday, March 6, before that – on March 3. He also came to the city on February 25.

The Ukrainian command decided to continue the defense of Bakhmut

  • Today, March 6, the President held the Headquarters of the Supreme Commander. At the meeting, they discussed the situation in the main directions of the front, in particular, Bakhmut.
  • It was decided to continue the defense of Bakhmut and strengthen our positions.
  • The Russian army continues to try to cordon off and capture Bakhmut. The General Staff emphasizes that these attempts are unsuccessful.
  • According to the Minister of Defense Alexei Reznikov, the daily losses of the Russian army in the battles for Bakhmut are 500 people killed and wounded.

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