Bayraktar donated 2 more drones to Ukraine free of charge


Bayraktar donated 2 more drones to Ukraine for free

Ukraine received 2 more Bayraktar TB2 drones from Baykar. This was reported by the Main Directorate of Intelligence.

The Main Intelligence Directorate noted that Ukraine received 2 drones today, January 25.

Gift for the Ukrainian military

Baykar donated them free of charge to help the armed forces of Ukraine and the people of Ukraine to protect themselves from the occupier. We are infinitely grateful to Baykar for its uncompromising and constant support in the most difficult times for our state,” intelligence noted.

Note that Baykar handed over Bayraktors to Ukraine free of charge before. Often this happened after volunteers collected the necessary funds to buy them.

Recall that Turkish drones played an important role in the early days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Baykar plant in Ukraine.

  • The Turkish company Baykar plans to complete construction of its plant in Ukraine in two years. The project of the plant is already completed and its implementation is ahead.
  • According to the agreement between Turkey and Ukraine, which was signed before the Russian invasion on February 24, Baykar agreed to build its second production plant in Ukraine.
  • The second plant of the enterprise is expected to produce Bayraktar TB2, Akıncı and Kızılelma drones.
  • It is quite expected in Russia, where they are very afraid of Bayraktors, they threatened to destroy the plant, which does not exist yet.
  • Interestingly, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin asked Erdogan to open a similar plant in Russia. However, manufacturer Bayraktar has assured that it will never sell its drones to Russia.

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