“Beat the invaders”: how the Poles react to the decision to transfer Leopard tanks to Ukraine


Poland hands over long-awaited Leopard tanks to Ukraine. The Ukrainians thanked their neighbors, but the reaction of the Poles themselves is also touching. This is an example of the proverb that a true friend is known in trouble.

Activist Sergei Sternenko thanked Poland for its help. He published a post on Twitter, and the Poles began to respond in the comments.

We, Ukrainians, thank the Poles for the Leopard tanks we need so much. This is a real fraternal people! Sternenko wrote.

The reaction of the Poles is amazing

Residents of Poland wrote that if it were their will, they would give Ukraine 100 tanks, but the government can still transfer 10-12. However, they add that not tanks, but Ukrainian soldiers will win this war.

They also wish the Leopards to successfully fulfill their task. They note that other countries should follow the example of Poland and transfer more weapons. There are also calls to destroy the infidels.

“Please. It is important that they (tanks – 24 channels) serve you well. Stay warm and take care of yourself,” the Poles wrote.

How the people of Poland react to the transfer of tanks / Screenshots from Sergey Sternenko's Twitter:

Ukraine will receive tanks: what is known

During a meeting with Volodymyr Zelensky in Lviv, Andrzej Duda said that Kyiv would receive a “company of tanks” Leopard 2 from Warsaw as part of an international coalition. Kyiv has been asking for this Western equipment for a long time, because it can significantly enhance the capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The fact is that the Leopards are head and shoulders above the tanks used by Russia.

The Ukrainian army will be able to prepare for the use of tanks within a few weeks. The process itself is no more difficult than preparing an ACS.

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