Because of Amnesty International, Russia wanted to show that “everyone is the same” in this war – Bessmertny


Because of Amnesty International, Russia wanted to show that in this war

Bessmertny about the Amnesty International report/Channel 24 collage

Amnesty International, an international human rights organization, released a report stating that the Ukrainian military creates a danger to civilians. She relied on data from Russians.


Roman Bessmertny, Ukrainian politician, diplomat, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine in 2005-2006, spoke about this for Channel 24. He suggested two versions of the appearance of the report.

First option – there is definitely a Russian trace here. If we take these 5 months of the war, then the topic of shelling the civilian population, social objects is a characteristic thing for an aggressor,” Bessmertny said.

Accuse Ukraine

The diplomat stressed that the actions of the Russians cannot be compared with international law governing issues related to the rules of warfare. The occupiers don't care about any laws.

I have a gut feeling that Amnesty International was trying, relying on the constant Kremlin information operations, to use the principle of “all the same” . And thereby denigrate the Ukrainian side, Bessmertny believes.

He stressed that the majority of the Ukrainian army complies with the norms and rules of international law regarding the conduct of hostilities. You can't even compare how the Russian aggressor behaves and how the Ukrainian army defends itself.

Based on propaganda

Bessmertny explained that in international law there is such a thing as a military facility. This is the one that is used for warfare, ammunition assembly. He can be a target for the belligerent.

Because of Amnesty International, Russia wanted to show that in this war

Roman Bessmertny

Politician, diplomat , Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine in 2005-2006.

I think Amnesty International took the information that the Russian side uses when conducting information wars against the civilized world as well. They did not check the data, made a stuffing, and it is already impossible to take a step back. It is no coincidence that an avalanche of nonsense went on.

Misunderstanding the laws

Second option, according to Bessmertny, who could have caused the report, is a completely illiterate interpretation of the norms of international law in terms of customs, traditions and rules of war. What Amnesty International says has nothing to do with the protected side.

“The right to war says that the protected side is obliged to defend itself and does not assume the forms and methods of defense “Hence, the position on which Amnesty International relies is unacceptable in relation to Ukraine. Even if there were individual such cases, they do not name them. On the surface, there is an obvious conclusion that what happened is the result of the work of the Russian special services,” Bessmertny added.

Note – Bessmertny about the reasons for the Amnesty International report: watch the video

Amnesty International report: in brief

  • The human rights organization Amnesty International published a report and accused the Armed Forces of Ukraine of deploying combat positions in residential buildings, schools, hospitals.
  • Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov said that discrediting the army means lack of adequacy and Amnesty International's way of destroying its credibility.
  • President Volodymyr Zelensky also criticized the report. He believes that the organization shifts responsibility from the aggressor to the victim.
  • A negative assessment of the activities of Amnesty International was given in the UK. Ambassador Extraordinary Melinda Simmons stressed that the only threat to the Ukrainians is the Russian army.
  • The organization's Ukrainian office said the report was prepared without them. Its leader, Oksana Pokalchuk, resigned.

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