Because of the constant convoys with coffins, the situation with the mobilization of the Russians is only getting worse, – Gaidai


Due to constant convoys with coffins, the situation with Russians is only getting worse with mobilization, – Gaidai

The situation with men is critical in the occupied Luhansk region. The invaders are already literally taking everyone they can get their hands on. People are dying en masse at the front.

About this Channel 24said the head of the Lugansk OVA Serhiy Gaidai. According to him, among the “mobilized” in the ranks of the militants in the Lugansk region, there are catastrophic losses. Extremely high death toll; even more wounded with severed limbs who will not be able to return to the front.

Many of the dead hide. In official Russian statistics, some people are often listed as wounded, but they die on the way to hospitals.

The 7th month of the war has already passed, and, they didn’t want to hide it, they still bring a lot of coffins to the settlements. And this can no longer be hidden. People see and understand everything, and mobilization is getting worse for the infidels. Because people don't really want to fight,” Gaidai said.

Soon there will be no men left on the streets at all

As Gaidai notes, the militants have already gone so far as to take away the so-called “military medical commissions” in some of their “military offices” in order to take literally everyone. There were cases when people with serious chronic diseases got to the front.

There were many wild stories related to mobilization in the Lugansk region: miners were forcibly sent to the front; then a single father went to pick up a child from a kindergarten, and militants intercepted him along the way, etc.

Soon there really won't be any men left on the streets. But this will not save the Russians. They simply use “mobilized” as cannon fodder. There are already significantly fewer men in the occupied territories, – Gaidai emphasized.

Recall that on August 27, Russian infidels tried to break through the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in six directions in the Luhansk region. However, the Ukrainian military was able to repel enemy assaults – the invaders were forced to retreat.

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