Because of what Russia can fall apart from the inside: the opinion of an opposition journalist


What could cause Russia to fall apart from the inside: the opinion of an opposition journalist

Because of the defeat of the Russian army in Ukraine, Putin found himself in a stalemate. Each of his subsequent steps can only increase the anger of the Russians.

This channel 24 told the Russian opposition journalist Igor Yakovenko. According to him, now the entire responsibility for the defeat at the front in Ukraine rests with the Russian army.

However, the military does not want to be “extreme” in the current situation.

What can the collapse of Russia entail

Yakovenko noted that it is responsibility that can cause the internal collapse of Russia.

The real Russian generals were well aware that on February 24 the way behaved like a clinical idiot. Now, to this is added the realization that the idiocy of politicians has become the reason that the army was responsible for everything. – said the journalist.

According to him, whole Putins in Ukraine could not be fulfilled.

“An absolutely unrealistic task was set before the army. After all, it is impossible to defeat Ukraine, this is a large European country,” he stressed.

Yakovenko added that among the Russian military there is more and more dissatisfaction with the fact that they were made guilty of defeats at the front in Ukraine. Also, the occupiers do not want to be held accountable for the crimes. He suggested that this could become a catalyst for the collapse of the Russian Federation.

Will mobilization help the way

According to the estimates of pro-Putin military experts, according to Yakovenko, there are now 200 thousand Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

“Of course, this is a lie, because there are fewer Russians in Ukraine. However, experts in Russia believe that in order to turn the tide of the war, you need 600-700 thousand soldiers. Where to get such a number?” – said the journalist.

According to him, the Kremlin is already catastrophically short of people who can be sent to war in Ukraine. . They are not and will not be. No amount of mobilization will solve this problem,” Yakovenko stressed.

The Russian opposition journalist added that if people are seized on the streets, then nothing good will come of this for Putin.

Stream of Ekaterina Solyar and Igor Yakovenko: watch the full video

Partial mobilization in Russia: in brief

  • September 21 Vladimir Putin signed a decree on “shared mobilization”. Mobilization events in the country begin on the same day, September 21.
  • Russians in social networks express their indignation at Putin's decision. Residents of Russia are already comparing the situation in their country with the times of World War II, and are also calling for the overthrow of power.
  • After the announcement of partial mobilization, a nationwide protest was announced in Russia.

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