Before his death, he carried his brothers out of the lair of the enemy: the incredible story of the combat physician Filimonov


Before his death, he carried his brothers out of the lair of the enemy: the incredible story of the combat physician Filimonov

A farewell ceremony was held in Kharkov for a combat medic, shooter of the National Guard Igor Filimonov. The fighter was 31 years old. He has been defending our state from the aggressor since 2014. Died near Bakhmut.

The east of Ukraine remains the hottest area along the entire front line, where Ukrainian soldiers are killed every day. In particular, combat medic Igor Filimonov passed away in the Bakhmut direction about two months ago. However, it was only recently that DNA results confirmed that it was indeed him.

Kharkiv. Awards and victories

It should be noted that since 2014, Igor defended Ukraine with weapons in his hands and for this he even left his studies at a medical higher educational institution. When Russia launched a full-scale invasion, from the very morning he was already at the military registration and enlistment office.

On February 24 last year, early in the morning, Igor's wife took him to the draft board in Kharkov. And at three in the afternoon, he and his comrades from the military unit of the 3017th year of the National Guard were already at Okruzhnaya, an hour later they entered into battle with the Russian invaders. The next day, my wife and I took his unit clothes, socks, gloves – everything that we could find in the house then, – said the father of the fallen defender Oleg Filimonov.

It is known that Igor's unit on Saltovka burned the tanks of the invaders who were trying to break into the city. The fighter himself managed to blow up one car – he was very proud of this. For that battle, Igor Filimonov was awarded the Order “For Courage” III degree.

Note! Until January 2023, the military, together with his brothers, liberated and defended the Kharkiv region. After Saltovka and the suburbs of Kharkov, he passed Udy, Sosnovka, Veterinary, Zolochev, Cossack Lopan. For the de-occupation of the last of the listed settlements, Igor received a badge “For courage in service.”

Bakhmut. Rescue of brethren, heroic death

It should be noted that on January 3, Filimonov's military unit was transferred to the Bakhmutsky district of the Donetsk region. He died on January 15th.

The father of the defender said that a few days before, on January 13, his son and his comrades managed to get behind enemy lines and carry away many wounded soldiers from there. Igor himself pulled out several people.

On January 14, the defender was at the evacuation point. There was a fight 50 meters away from him. He pulled out the wounded commander of a neighboring company and provided him with first aid.

Only one young man survived there. He told me that his son had sent him to a neighboring house for drugs. When he entered there, there were explosions – two mines flew right into the place where my son, the doctor, the orderlies and the wounded were. That guy says that when he ran out, he saw that everyone was lying, in total 10 people died. We managed to take out eight people from there immediately, and two a little later, – said Filimonov's father.

As he noted, the bodies of the fighters were badly damaged. Nearby was a car that caught fire from the explosion. Also, a house with ammunition exploded nearby.

Igor Filimonov at the front / Photo from the fighter's Facebook

Note! In June 2022, Igor married a girl with whom he studied at school, and then at the university. The couple planned to get married after the victory.

Channel 24 expresses its condolences to all the relatives and friends of the deceased Igor Filimonov.

The story of the commander who saved the division, but gave his life

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