Before meeting with Putin, the governor of the Volgograd region served an 8-day quarantine

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Before the meeting with Putin, the governor of the Volgograd region served an 8-day quarantine

Bocharov has not appeared in public since January 24 and only came out in public when it was time to meet with the head of the Kremlin.

Governor of the Volgograd region Andrey Bocharov was in quarantine for eight days before meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. So, Bocharov disappeared from public space on January 24 and appeared at a meeting with the president on February 2.

This is reported by Kommersant.

The governor of the Volgograd region for the first time since 2014 missed the parade in honor of victory at Stalingrad. He did not attend the celebration, because he was supposed to meet with Putin.

“Bocharov, with all his desire, could not accept him: he was waiting for a personal meeting with Putin, and he was just leaving quarantine for the” clean zone “, – the correspondent of the publication said.

He also informed that by January 24, the governor had signed more than 10 resolutions and inspected the repairs on the Alley of Heroes, which had already formally been completed. After that, official documents were approved by deputy officials, who received the status of interim acting governor for eight days.

Recall that on February 2, Putin visited Volgograd on the occasion of the anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Stalingrad. Before his visit, the local authorities took a number of unprecedented security measures and opened new monuments, in particular, a bust of the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

In addition, before the arrival of the President of the Russian Federation, destroyed buildings in Volgograd were covered with banners, all stray dogs were caught, applied fresh markings to the wet asphalt and turned off the Internet.

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