Before the decisive penalty: laser pointer attack against Schmeichel


The Danish goalkeeper was apparently disturbed before the penalty kick that brought England into the European Championship final. UEFA is investigating.

Before the decisive penalty: laser pointer attack against Schmeichel

UEFA has initiated disciplinary proceedings against the English association FA over several incidents in the European Championship semi-final between England and Denmark (2-1 after extra time).

The European Football Union announced on Thursday that it was being determined because of the use of a laser pointer by spectators, because of interference by fans while the Danish national anthem was being played and because of the burning of fireworks. The incident with the laser pointer in particular had already caused a great stir.

“Unacceptable and ridiculous”

Before the penalty, which England's Harry Kane converted to 2-1 in the margin, Denmark's goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel was apparently disturbed. TV images show that a laser pointer was aimed at Schmeichel. Just before Kane shoots, a green light flashes over Schmeichel's face and approaches his eyes.

British broadcaster ITV's TV commentator Mark Pougatch referred to the incident after the game, which initially went unnoticed. “This is completely unacceptable and ridiculous,” said Pougatch, “whoever it was is an idiot.”

At first it was not known who had used the laser pointer. It was also unclear whether Schmeichel noticed anything of the attempted disturbance at all. The goalkeeper, who plays for Leicester City in the Premier League, parried Kane's penalty but was unable to save the margin.

Incidents with the anthems had already occurred in previous games. Before England's round of 16 against Germany (2-0), whistles and boos were heard during the anthems.

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