Before the end of the year, Ukraine can return the occupied territories: the American general called the conditions


Ukraine may return the occupied territories by the end of the year: American general named conditions

Ukraine may well reject the invaders from the territories they have seized since February 24th. There is a certain condition for this.

It was named by US Army General Ben Hodges. This will happen if the West supplies us with sufficient weapons.

What is needed for a counteroffensive

The American general noticed that the Russian army had already crossed the peak of its striking power. The front is not moving, but Ukraine still has few weapons to launch a counteroffensive. Hodges acknowledged that the Ukrainians were incredibly resilient, resourceful, innovative. And we need more long-range and accurate artillery

Artillery and missiles that can fire farther and continue to destroy Russian artillery, logistics, strike Russian airfields. Here's what you need. We did something, but this is not enough for a decisive effect,” the general said.

According to him, this is the reason why the front line has not changed for about a month.

russia is unable to move forward

Hodges said the Russians had climaxed, there was nothing more they could do. They are not even able to protect their rear. At the same time, we need the ability to win.

“The duration of the war will depend on whether we do everything we promised, or deliver all the promised weapons. I believe that before the end of this year we can push them back to the February 23 line,” General Hodges said.

Arms for Ukraine

  • The US Department of Defense has awarded Raytheon a contract for purchase of NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems for Ukraine. The transaction amount is more than 180 million dollars. This aid from the US is far from the first. Lend-lease should start soon.
  • And Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the President's Office, said that the war between Russia and Ukraine will still end at the negotiating table. But this can only happen after our enemy has suffered significant tactical losses on the front.

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