Beginning of the meeting with “Moscow”: Bratchuk reacted to the exit of “Admiral Makarov” in the Black Sea


The beginning of the meeting with "Moscow": Bratchuk reacted to the exit of "Admiral Makarov" to the Black Sea

Ship “Admiral Makarov”/Wikipedia

Russia is strengthening its grouping of ships in the Black Sea. On the morning of May 23, it became known that the frigate Admiral Makarov entered the sea. The Odesa OVA hopes that he will soon meet with Moskva, which was sunk by Ukrainian defenders.

The representative of the Odesa OVA Sergey Bratchuk confirmed to Channel 24 that the Admiral Makarov ship had indeed entered the Black Sea.

He stressed that the Russians are now actively trying to settle on Zmein Island.

As for the frigate Admiral Makarov, I hope this is the beginning of a big flash mob – a meeting with the crew of the cruiser Moskva. After all, today is just 40 days in Moscow. Why not over time celebrate this with the help of “Admiral Makarov”? – said Bratchuk.

A representative of the Odesa OVA added that they do not see any preparations for a landing in the Odesa region, although there is such a risk. “All these talks and threats will end only after our victory,” he said.

What you need to know about the Admiral Makarov frigate h2>

  • This is a new Russian warship, which belongs to the class of patrol ships of the far sea zone. It is known that it has a lot of anti-submarine and mine-torpedo weapons. There are also missiles that are capable of hitting ground targets. Among them are cruise missiles of the Kalibr family.
  • It was Admiral Makarov who became the new flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet after the Ukrainians sank the cruiser Moskva. However, if “Moscow” belonged to the first rank (according to the Russian classification), then “Admiral Makarov” – to the second. It has a smaller tonnage, a smaller crew (180 people ) and less powerful weapons. Read more about the new flagship at the link.
  • On May 5, there was information that the Ukrainians brought another Russian ship near the Serpent Island. It was assumed that it could also be “Admiral Makarov” . But the hopes were not justified – it turned out to be a landing craft of the “Serna” type.

In total, as of May 23, Russia lost 13 ships and boats in the war against Ukraine.

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