Belarus has formed a special unit “Berkut”, which will search the country for “saboteurs”

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Belarus has formed a special unit

Belarus has formed new special units in the internal troops, which, in particular, will look for “saboteurs” in the country.

Belarus has formed the “Berkut” and several new special forces in the internal troops.

This was announced by the commander of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus Nikolai Karpenkov, writes “SB. Belarus today”.

According to him, after the formation of the Lynx, Smerch and Honor units in military unit 3214, they also complete the Berkut unit.

“Its staffing is coming to an end, servicemen are coming here for contract service, who are completing their military service in the special forces brigade this spring,” Karpenkov said.

Berkut's primary task will be to fight “sabotage and reconnaissance groups” and “illegal armed formations.” Thus, Belarus seeks to create a rapid reaction force from the special forces and operate as mobile units.

“We have created three special-purpose companies and 12 special-purpose platoons in all our brigades and individual battalions across the country. We have carried out training camps and combat coordination. In addition, it is planned to form three more special-purpose units through the redistribution of our resources – in Gomel, Grodno and Brest “, – added Karpenkov.

Recall, Ukrainian intelligence reported that the military-political command of Russia is ready to commit a large-scale provocation on the border of Ukraine and Belarus in the near future. Soloviev, the main Russian propagandist, may also be involved in this.

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