“Belarusian” attacked Ukrainian refugees in Switzerland with fists for “consolation” of the Russian language


Ukrainian refugees in Switzerland were attacked by

Ukrainian refugees were attacked in Switzerland/Channel 24 collage

In the Swiss city of Zurich, Russians attacked Ukrainian refugees with their fists. Aggressive men explained their aggression allegedly by “oppression of the Russian language”.


The details of the incident were told in an exclusive comment Channel 24 by an eyewitness to the events and one of the victims, student journalist Yana Sonchkovskaya.

How the Russians attacked Ukrainian refugees

The girl noticed that the surprise attack began with a normal conversation. A Russian-speaking man, who identified himself as Belarusian, struck up a conversation with Yana's girlfriend. The man, in the best manner of Russian propaganda, said that he did not understand why people hated Russia, because “it's all politics, ordinary people have nothing to do with it.”

The dialogue between the attacker and Yana's girlfriend looked like this:

< p>Russian: I've been living here for 15 years and I understand what's going on.

Yana's friend: It's good, but we don't hate anyone and just drive to their temporary home since the all-out war. We are from Kyiv, we study journalists here. We just ran away from the war.

Russian: Why?

She replied that she wanted to cover the truth, unlike Russian propagandists.

English: You oppress my language! I've been here since 1995. Why are you here? Why did they come here to oppress my language?

Pay attention! All participants in the conflict communicated in English.

I do not oppress anything by talking to you in English . I didn't say anything. Don't touch us, added a friend.

Yana herself with a refugee friend walked a few meters from her friend. Suddenly, a Russian turned to them and began to tell them in his native Russian that the people are not to blame – they are all politicians.

“We, Ukrainians, did not say a word about politics, about the Russian language, or about Russia , neither about their army, nor about the people. Hearing the screams of a friend a few meters away with the insistence not to touch her, my friend and I ran to her, “Yana emphasized.

She and her friend pushed the Russian away from her friend. Suddenly, he, asking a Ukrainian friend, hit him in the face.

Lithuanians and Swiss intervened in the situation

Yana immediately took the phone in her hands to film everything that was happening. And then Russian-speaking Lithuanians intervened in the conflict with a request not to film, not to distribute the recording on the Internet and forget this situation.

Further on, you can hear my words in the video. A rabid Russian-speaking “Belarusian” wished us (Ukrainians) death. I promised him fame all over the Internet. We have the right to be here because our houses are being bombed, we have a war, we are being killed at home,” Yana stressed.

Hearing this, the Russian went berserk and knocked the phone out of the girl's hands. The Swiss intervened in the conflict and wanted to call the police, but the attackers, having heard about the police, quickly disappeared, saying that they would not be found in the crowd.

Russians attacked Ukrainian refugees in Switzerland with their fists: see video

Did the police intervene in the conflict

Ukrainian woman told reporters on Channel 24 that the Zurich police had already contacted the victims online.

It's our fault that we didn't apply first because they ran away and got lost in the traffic. We were stopped by a Swiss who first dialed the police, and then changed his mind, – said Yana.

What condition they suffered

According to the girl, her friend received a direct blow to the face and shoulder, but no bruising. They are all in a stressful state from what happened.

“We hope for a reaction from the police and that there were surveillance cameras, since their faces cannot be seen on the video,” she summed up.

Map of combat action for August 15: watch the video

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