BepiColombo probe sent close-up images of Venus

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BepiColombo probe sent close-up images of Venus

BepiColombo probe sent close-up images of Venus

The joint European-Japanese mission BepiColombo has published the first image of Venus. The day before, the ship approached the planet known as the evil twin of Earth, at a distance of 977 miles (1,572 km), according to The Daily Mail.

The image is black and white, showing only part of the planet. Recall that the probe is heading towards Mercury. He approached Venus to correct course with its gravity.

The cameras provide black and white images with a resolution of 1024 x 1024 pixels. The scientists noted that the image “has been lightly processed to enhance contrast and utilize full dynamic range.” The antenna and part of the spacecraft body are also visible.

Shortly after the flyby, BepiColombo's solar panels warmed up from -100 to 10 degrees Celsius. The sharp rise in temperature was associated with the reflection of sunlight from Venus.

The closest approach between the probe and Venus was 550 kilometers. Note that 33 hours earlier, the Solar Orbiter probe, designed to study the Sun, flew up to Venus. Although Venus is not the main target of these missions, rapprochement with it allows scientists to obtain new scientific data.

Previously, NASA scientists suggested that Venus could be inhabited. But 700-750 million years ago, a catastrophe occurred, and a huge amount of carbon dioxide got into the atmosphere.

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