Berlin police will not lift the ban on Ukrainian flags on May 8 and 9


The Berlin Police will not lift the ban on Ukrainian flags on May 8 and 9

Restrictions on Ukrainian symbols were introduced in Berlin on May 8-9/getty images

Ukrainian flags and other Ukrainian symbols were banned in Berlin during commemorative events on May 8 and 9.

The Senate of the German capital defended appropriate measures, the department noted that they would not lift the restrictions.

The celebration of the dates of May 8 and 9, 1945, and therefore the liberation of Germany from National Socialism, must be clearly distinguished from the situation of May 2022, said a spokesman for the interior department of the Berlin Senate.

To avoid provocations

The police order says that many demonstrations and commemorative events should take place in Berlin on May 8 and 9, so it is important to “prevent any confrontation” at memorial sites that commemorate both Russian and Ukrainian soldiers. who died in battle.

Yes, according to the regulations:

  • it is forbidden to be in Berlin with Ukrainian or Russian flags on May 8 and 9 on May 15 memorial sites.
  • the use of military symbols in such places is also prohibited.
  • prohibitions do not apply only to diplomats and veterans of the Second World War.

In all other public places, wearing Ukrainian flags during these two days is still “generally allowed,” the Berlin police emphasized on Saturday.

Pay attention! The police explained that from some reports it might seem that in Berlin it is generally forbidden to take to the streets with Ukrainian flags – but this is not so.

Russian symbols are also prohibited

Police regulations also include a ban on visiting memorial sites in uniform or wear elements of it – even in a modified form, as well as march and sing songs about the war.

The symbol Z is also prohibited.

By the way, yesterday, activists reported that after numerous indignations managed to reach an agreement on the use of Ukrainian symbols at the events on May 8-9, but only within one hour and with the consent of the metropolitan police.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk is shocked by this decision. He believes that this is a slap in the face of the Ukrainian people. Like, this decision of the Berlin authorities is at odds with the assurance of German solidarity with Ukraine.

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