Biden announced war on coronavirus

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Biden announced war on coronavirus

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, in a televised address to citizens on the eve of Thanksgiving, said that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the country will face “a hard and long winter.” It is reported by NBC News.

The politician promised that after that “life will return to its usual course.” He urged not to regard statements about coronavirus infection or a vaccine against it as political. “We are fighting the virus, not each other,” he said.

Biden recalled that vaccination of Americans against coronavirus will begin in December. He stated the need to develop a plan for the distribution of drugs so that all citizens go through the vaccination procedure as quickly as possible.

Biden previously revealed what he plans to do in his first 100 days as head of the White House. The politician promised to provide “immediate assistance” to the authorities of the states affected by the coronavirus epidemic. In particular, he spoke about the need to help the communities most affected by the pandemic, including minority communities, and “provide them with such assistance to keep people afloat.” At the same time, the politician did not disclose exactly how he plans to achieve this, given the reluctance of Congress to negotiate with the White House on this issue.

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