Biden called Trump to his inauguration

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Biden called Trump to his inauguration

Joe Biden

US presidential candidate Joe Biden has invited his rival, incumbent White House chief Donald Trump, to his inauguration. He told about this in an interview with CNN.

He noted that he personally does not care if Trump appears at the ceremony. However, Biden added, it would have a symbolic meaning, signaling the end of chaos and indicating a “peaceful transfer of power when rival parties shake hands and move forward.”

The swearing-in of the next US president will take place on January 20, 2021.

On December 2, Biden named his first achievement as President of the United States. He said he did a good job for the country by not allowing Trump to remain president for another term.

On November 3, the next presidential elections were held in the United States. The counting of votes and proceedings on this issue continue to this day. According to the media, Biden received the necessary number of electoral votes to win, thus beating Trump. The democrat has already proclaimed himself the elected president of the United States. Trump does not admit defeat in the election and accuses his opponent of “large-scale fraud.”

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