Biden can decide the result of the Russian-Ukrainian war in one word – Piontkovsky


Biden can decide the result of the Russian-Ukrainian war in one word, – Piontkovsky

Piontkovsky on what determines the outcome of the war/Collage of Channel 24

Providing Ukraine with long-range missiles for HIMARS systems that hit at a distance of up to 300 kilometers is the hottest issue that is being discussed in the US administration. Moreover, it can be decisive in the war between Russia and Ukraine.


HIMARS and long-range missiles can decide the outcome of the war

This exclusively on Channel 24 was told by Russian publicist, opposition politician Andrei Piontkovsky. In his opinion, the result of such an important war for all mankind has never depended on such a simple question – to provide 15 HIMARS or, for example, 50.

In the hands of the United States there is a tool that can decide the outcome of the war – just one word from the American president. We see what a sharp struggle for this word and the outcome of this war is between Blinken and Austin on the one hand and Sullivan on the other. – Piontkovsky believes.

He believes that the “flywheel” is still turning in favor of Ukraine and providing him with the necessary weapons, but this is happening too slowly.

the paths are afraid of the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the South of Ukraine

The publicist noted that in recent days Russia has significantly changed its tactics. He believes that the invaders have realized the threat in the South, and now they call the main goal not the capture of Slavyansk, but the defense of Kherson.

“That is, the place of the decisive battle has been determined. Everything will be decided in the near future,” the opposition leader said.

He added that at such a moment, each side of the confrontation should throw all possible resources. In his opinion, the Pentagon also understands this.

In addition, Moscow is already well aware of the severity of the situation. They are trying to do everything to avoid this decisive battle for Kherson and urgently impose a ceasefire and a truce in the South. This is exactly what they wanted to do during the “grain negotiations” in Istanbul, trying to include in the package of agreements a clause on a ceasefire, that is, a counter-offensive, in the Kherson region. Like, this is necessary to ensure the functioning of the transaction.

Of course, the Russians did not succeed, but they did not calm down. The publicist believes that Putin could offer Turkish President Erdogan an agreement – to give him freedom of action in Syria in exchange for persuading the Ukrainian side to agree to a truce. the Russian dictator may have offered other terms in exchange for this, which shows how much he fears a Ukrainian counteroffensive.

But he won't succeed either. Putin again demonstrates his complete misunderstanding of the psychology of the Ukrainian people and power,” Piontkovsky believes.

HIMARS in Ukraine: latest news

  • On August 1, Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov announced that he was going to Ukraine 4 more HIMARS systems arrived. He thanked President Biden and Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin.
  • Earlier, NASA reported that these MLRS actually changed the course of the Russian-Ukrainian war. With HIMARS, Ukrainian defenders regularly strike at enemy ammunition depots, command posts and other strategic targets.
  • The Russians seek to disable already glorious systems, but this is difficult to do. They will have serious problems even detecting HIMARS , not to mention striking them.

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