Biden caught up with Trump in one of the faltering states

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Biden caught up with Trump in one of the faltering states

Democratic candidate Joe Biden caught up with Republican Donald Trump in the “wavering” state of Georgia, where the current president has long been in the lead. This was reported by Fox News.

According to him, now both candidates receive 49.4 percent of the votes. Trump is ahead of Biden by only 3,635 votes.

Earlier it was reported that Trump's campaign headquarters seeks to stop this process in the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia. The reason for this is that the Republican representatives were not provided with access to a number of places for unpacking and counting ballots – according to the Trump side, this is contrary to the law.

Georgia, with 16 electors, is one of four states that can determine the outcome of the US presidential election. Until the winner has been identified there, 99 percent of the votes have been counted.

November 3 is general election day in the United States. Citizens elect a president and vice president, and 35 senators, the entire House of Representatives, 13 governors and local government representatives will be elected. The current head of state, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, who served as vice president under Barack Obama, are fighting for the top post.

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