Biden does not want to meet with Putin at G20 even in the hallway – Politico


Biden doesn't want to meet Putin at the G20 even in the corridor, – Politico< /p>

US President Joe Biden refuses to meet Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit. He doesn't want to see a dictator even in the hallway or in a group photo of state leaders.

Washington officials are currently working on it. This was stated by former US Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor.

Biden does not want to see Putin

According to Taylor, Biden believes that Putin is a murderer and a war criminal.

Usually you don’t meet murderers and war criminals,” the former ambassador said.

By the way, during the entire presidency, Biden met with Putin only once – in Geneva. They talked on the phone several more times, discussing the then-probable full-scale invasion.

Earlier, Joe Biden said that the meeting with Putin would depend on what exactly the Russian president wants to talk about. The American leader noted that if Putin wanted to discuss the imprisoned American basketball star Britney Greener, he would be ready to talk.

“I believe that he committed war crimes, and therefore I see no reason to meet with him now” , – Biden emphasized.

Recall that political scientist Valery Dymov predicted whether Putin would risk going to the G20 summit. After all, if Volodymyr Zelensky is there, he can give a “cold shower” to the Russian dictator.

And according to political analyst Dmitry Levus, President Volodymyr Zelensky most likely will not go to the G20 summit in Indonesia. However, he can speak online, as he did before at other events.

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