Biden gives a symbolic slap in the face to Putin, – Piontkovsky on the signing of Lend-Lease on May 9


Biden gives a symbolic slap in the face to Putin, – Piontkovsky about signing Lend-Lease on May 9

Did Biden deliberately wait for May 9 to sign Lend-Lease/Getty Images

Joseph Biden signed the Lend-Lease Law for Ukraine today, May 9th. This was another slap in the face of Vladimir Putin.

Why did Putin delay signing Lend-Lease

This was stated by Russian publicist Andrei Piontkovsky to Channel 24. Recall that Lend-Lease in the United States was supported on April 28.

However, US President Joe Biden decided to sign the law on May 9. According to Piontkovsky, he deliberately delayed it until this date.

This is an additional symbolic slap in the face to Vladimir Putin,” the Russian publicist emphasized.

According to him, a number of “blows” have already been dealt to Putin. We are talking about the support of Ukraine by the entire civilized world.

Note that Russia traditionally celebrated May 9 and even held a parade with the remains of surviving equipment. At the parade, the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, made a speech and issued new nonsense, in particular, regarding NATO and “fraternal peoples”.

Lend-Lease for Ukraine: what you need to know

  • The United States of America supported the Lend-Lease of Ukraine on April 28. In addition, such a program was used during World War II.
  • The US House of Representatives voted for Lend-Lease for Ukraine with a devastating result. “For” – 417 votes. “Against” – only 10.
  • The Lend-Lease procedure practically allows you to “donate” weapons. Recipient countries are committed to making payments at a later date.
  • Lend-lease involves, in particular, reducing the bureaucratic component, which will significantly speed up the transfer of weapons and other important supplies to Ukraine.
  • Ukraine will now be able to provide the United States a list of necessary weapons, and the States will be able to supply Ukrainian defenders with tanks, air defense aircraft, etc.
  • Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov noted that the decision of the White House to supply weapons to the armed forces of Ukraine means one thing – the United States is confident in victory of our state.
  • According to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, lend-lease is actually participation in the war, but without troops.

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