Biden predicted problems due to impeachment of Trump

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Biden predicted problems due to impeachment of Trump

Joe Biden

The administration of President-elect Joseph Biden will face problems due to the impeachment of 45th President Donald Trump. This was stated in a conversation with the Financial Times by William Galston, an expert at the Brookings Institution think tank and a former adviser to President Bill Clinton.

According to Galston, Biden's plans to activate the program to “save the American economy” may stall as Congress is busy discussing Trump's removal from office. A meeting on this issue will be held the day after the President's inauguration on January 20.

The expert also notes that the approval of the composition of the new administration will also slow down: while the Republicans and Democrats in the Senate argue about impeachment, they will spend time, for which they could vote for the managers appointed by Biden.

Earlier today it became known that Joe Biden presented a plan to rescue the American economy for 1.9 trillion dollars.

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