Biden refuses to send US troops to Ukraine

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Joe Biden refuses to send troops to Ukraine if hostilities break out there

Biden refuses to send US troops to Ukraine

Photo: Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

US President Joe Biden has refused to send US troops to Ukraine if hostilities break out there. He made such a statement during the appeal. The broadcast was conducted on the YouTube channel of the White House.

At the same time, the United States will be committed to the principle of NATO's collective defense, the American leader assured. As a measure of support, he promised to supply equipment and weapons to Ukraine.

“Although I will not send the US military to fight in Ukraine, we have supplied the Ukrainian military with equipment to help them defend themselves. For the same purpose, we train them, advise them, provide intelligence data. And make no mistake: the United States will defend every inch of NATO territory. An attack on one of the NATO countries is an attack on all [members of the alliance],” Biden said.

Earlier, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby assured that US troops deployed to Eastern Europe would not be involved in a potential conflict in Ukraine. He explained that the United States has “no intention, no plans, no sanctions” to use these troops in Ukraine, and they will not be accidentally drawn into a potential conflict.

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