Biden stops deportation of illegal migrants

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Biden stops deportation of illegal migrants

The administration of US President Joe Biden has stopped the deportation of illegal migrants for the next 100 days. FOX News reports on the memorandum released by the Democrats.

The authorities explained that the suspension of working with illegal immigrants will allow government agencies to focus on fighting the coronavirus pandemic, the most serious crisis for the healthcare system in history. It is noted that the measure will not affect migrants associated with terrorism and espionage, but applies to those convicted of crimes and suspects.

Biden promised to stop the expulsion of immigrants during his election campaign. On his first day in office, he also halted construction of the southern border wall, the promise of which was key to his predecessor Donald Trump's campaign.

In addition, he lifted the ban on entry into the country for citizens of some Muslim countries, introduced by Trump, and a number of other restrictions.

On January 20, it was reported that the Mexican authorities offered Biden to amnesty all illegal migrants from this country, giving them legal status.

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