Biden to announce new military aid to Ukraine today – CNN


Biden to announce new military aid to Ukraine today, – CNN

Biden announces new aid package to Ukraine/Channel 24 Collage

U.S. President Joseph Biden is expected to announce on Thursday additional assistance to Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression. The additional package is designed for the security sector of Ukraine.

CNN reports that on April 21, Biden plans to tell the Americans about the new aid package. According to the same publication, the amount of the package will be $800 million.

The package of additional assistance was completed in recent days, and now Biden will announce its provision to Ukraine.

The last package will arrive a week after after the Biden administration authorized an $800 million security package. It included heavy weapons, including artillery and anti-artillery radars, for the first time since the start of a full-scale Russian invasion.

The Biden administration is working to get military assistance to Ukraine as quickly as possible, as they believe the war is at a critical stage, and further US assistance could make a difference in the East.

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