Biden tripped three times on the plane ladder

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Biden tripped three times on the plane ladder

The President stumbled three times while climbing the plane. The video of the incident was published on the Telegram channel.

On the recording, he begins to climb into the plane, stumbles, goes further, stumbles again, and then, having overcome one step, falls. Then he brushed off his knees and continued briskly up the ladder, holding onto the railing with both hands just in case.

Earlier, as “Rambler” reported, an interview with the American president caused a wide public response.

The American leader criticized the Russian president. In particular, he stressed that it would be necessary to “pay” for Moscow's alleged interference in the US elections held in 2020. He also named him a murderer. in response to criticism from the outside, he wished his western colleague good health and remembered a childhood adage – “whoever calls his name is called that”.

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