Biden's decision to ban the deportation of migrants blocked

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Biden's decision to ban the deportation of migrants blocked

A federal judge from the American state of Texas has blocked an attempt by the new US President Joe Biden to impose a moratorium on the deportation of illegal migrants. Fox News reports.

As noted, the judge issued a two-week ban on the repeal of laws governing the immigration process. This decision was made after a lawsuit filed by the Attorney General of Texas.

The complaint noted that the Biden administration's ban on deportation decree violated an agreement with the Department of Homeland Security. According to this document, before making changes to the migration policy, it is necessary to conduct consultations, as well as a notice of at least 180 days. Fox News notes that it is unclear whether these conditions should be met, but the Donald Trump administration has entered into similar agreements with several states.

It is noted that the injunction is nationwide. This is due to the fact that a restriction in Texas alone would not be able to adequately protect the state due to the “free movement” of illegal immigrants from other regions.

The Biden administration stopped the deportation of migrants for 100 days immediately after coming to power. It was noted that the suspension of work with illegal immigrants will allow government agencies to focus on the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, and the measure will not affect those related to terrorism and espionage.

Biden on his first day in office also lifted Trump's travel ban on citizens of some Muslim countries and halted construction of a wall on the southern border of the United States.

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