Biden's dog bitten by security sent for retraining

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Biden's dog bitten by security sent for retraining

US President Joe Biden's dog named Major (from English – “major” or “chief”) was sent for retraining. This was announced by the press secretary of the White House Jen Psaki at a briefing, which was broadcast on the Twitter account of the White House.

The three-year-old shepherd has had some problems adapting to life in the White House, she said. Major is currently undergoing additional training in Delaware. Psaki stressed that the dog is in an atmosphere “which is more familiar to him and in which he feels more comfortable.” She also declined to comment on reports that there were more attacks by the presidential dog on security than previously reported.

Earlier, Major, whom Biden took from the orphanage, bit a security officer. It was reported that he caught the American leader's dog by surprise, and he “slightly injured” the person.

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