Biden's schedule changed twice in one day

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US President Biden cancels trip to Wilmington due to family reasons

Biden's schedule changed twice in one day

Joe Biden. Photo: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

US President Joe Biden's schedule has been revised twice in one day. This was told in the press service of the White House, reports TASS.

In particular, it was assumed that on Presidents Day, which is celebrated on the third Monday of February, the American leader would be in the White House. Then information emerged that Biden was going to visit his home in Wilmington, Delaware, on the evening of February 20, due to circumstances regarding his family. What kind of events were discussed, it was not specified.

However, later the head of the White House canceled the trip and decided to stay at his residence in Washington.

Earlier, Joe Biden convened a meeting of the National Security Council to discuss the latest developments against the backdrop of a Russian buildup of forces on the border with Ukraine.

Over the past few months, Kiev and Western countries have been accusing Russia of pulling troops to the borders of Ukraine and preparing a military offensive. Moscow has repeatedly denied the existence of such aggressive plans. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, NATO's statements about the impending invasion are alarmist.

On February 20, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the situation on the line of contact in the Donbass was escalated to the maximum. “Any spark, any unplanned incident or any small planned provocation can lead to irreparable consequences,” he warned. Peskov also stressed that against such a background, the dates announced in the West about Russia's alleged invasion of Ukraine threaten with bad consequences.

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