Bill Gates explains how to prepare for the next pandemics and where to invest

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Bill Gates explains how to prepare for the next pandemics and where to invest

He hopes that Omicron will end the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Omicron strain of coronavirus will end the acute phase of the pandemic and lead to its end, but other crises may appear in the world.

Bill Gates, an American businessman and founder of Microsoft Corporation, stated this in an interview with the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung.

“I hope that the wave of infections caused by Omicron will be the last acute phase of the pandemic,” he said.

At the same time, he fears that other crises will appear in the world.

“That's why the message now should be: we should all prepare wisely for other pandemics,” the billionaire added.

The businessman also stressed that investments in pandemic preparedness are much less than the damage it causes. Therefore, he advises investing in three main areas: monitoring possible outbreaks of infections, international research related to the diagnosis and treatment of patients, and the development of health systems.

“This pandemic has become a tragedy for everyone. We were lucky, it could be ten times more dangerous,” he said.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates said that the world should be wary not only of new pandemics, but also of possible terrorist attacks using biological weapons. In his opinion, this could be even more dangerous than COVID-19. According to Gates, a specific plan of action should be developed in the event that terrorists use biological weapons.

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