Bill Gates predicted the start of a new pandemic

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Bill Gates predicted the start of a new pandemic

Microsoft founder and charity co-chairman Bill Gates spoke about the inevitability of a new pandemic. This is reported in his podcast on the effects of COVID-19.

Discussing the coronavirus with actress Rashida Jones and chief US infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci, the billionaire said that humanity will not be able to avoid a new pandemic. According to Gates' forecast, it could start in three years, and in the best case scenario, in 20 years.

However, in any case, according to the founder of Microsoft, next time humanity will be much better prepared for a pandemic – systems for testing potential carriers of infection and quarantine mechanisms will be developed.

Earlier, Bill Gates promised bad news about the coronavirus in the next six months. “In winter, when it is colder, the virus multiplies faster, because we spend more time indoors, so this is not good. It also creates a certain amount of fatigue: some of the things that people have to do, like staying away from friends, get harder and harder to do, ”Gates said.

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