Bill Gates questioned the effectiveness of American vaccines against COVID-19

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Bill Gates questioned the effectiveness of American vaccines for COVID-19

Microsoft founder Bill Gates questioned the effectiveness of some coronavirus vaccines being developed in the United States. He stated this during an Internet seminar organized by the Yahoo portal, TASS reports.

Gates suggested that in early 2021, “with a little luck,” two or three of the six US COVID-19 vaccines currently in phase three trials will be developed. “If there are any safety issues, then some of the six may disappear,” he added, explaining that this could happen if some of the drugs “prove to be ineffective.” However, Gates noted that the likelihood of this is low.

In addition, Bill Gates predicted that the situation with the spread of coronavirus in the United States will worsen in the fall, there will be more infections and deaths, and the situation will become even worse in winter weather. In his opinion, the situation will stabilize by the summer, when the United States will be able to produce sufficient volumes of vaccine to ensure a “significant reduction in mortality”, and during the second half of 2021, most likely, schools will be able to resume their work in most of the country.

Also, the founder of Microsoft questioned the effectiveness of methods for testing the population for COVID-19, calling them “such a waste of money.”

Earlier, Bill Gates called the condition of returning to normal life after the coronavirus pandemic. He also stated that the coronavirus pandemic will end in 2022 at best.

Prior to that, the Microsoft founder called most of the coronavirus tests conducted in the US completely useless. He reproached the health authorities for taking too long to conduct research, and a limited number of citizens have access to diagnostics.

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