Bill Gates said that humanity is not ready for new pandemics

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Bill Gates said that humanity is not ready for new pandemics

Microsoft founder, billionaire Bill Gates fears that humanity is not ready for future pandemics. He made such a conclusion from observing the current situation when the incidence of coronavirus is growing around the world.

There is now less focus on pandemic preparation than he expected, Gates said. The billionaire stressed that if humanity does not learn how to create and produce a new vaccine in a period of up to 100 days, it will not be ready to meet new challenges.

“The only real solution to this problem is to have factories that can produce enough doses of vaccines for the entire world in 100 days. It's doable,” Gates told the Wall Street Journal.

As the website previously wrote, Bill Gates invited rich countries to share excess doses of coronavirus vaccines with poorer ones in order to equalize the opportunities for access to drugs.

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