Birth mother raped her own children and starved them: a terrible story from Brovary


Birth mother raped her own children and starved them: a terrible story from Brovary

In the Kyiv region, law enforcement officers detained a 29-year-old woman who abused her own children. In particular, she could make love to her, probably boyfriend, in front of them and did not care at all that they lived in normal conditions.

The fact that a family lives in Brovary in the Kyiv region, where a mother starved her children, raped her own son and committed other immoral acts, became known on February 28. However, note that this story began in August 2022.

Lack of food and unsanitary conditions

Actually, back in the summer of last year, specialists from the children's service conducted an inspection in Brovary, where this woman lived with her children and an unknown roommate from the South of Ukraine.

Children were found to live in poor conditions. They didn't eat well. The apartment is unsanitary, and the parents (mother and unknown cohabitant – Channel 24) drink alcohol. Then the children were seized from this family,” the police said.

Since then, the children began to live in a foster family, but over time, the adoptive parents began to notice that they behave very strangely. The kids did not know what a banana, kiwi, ordinary fruits were, because no one had ever given them to try before.

“Rags that were used instead of toilet paper were stuffed into children's mouths”

But fruits are trifles, because it is important, first of all, that the children were actually starved. And after some time it turned out that the unfortunate mother raped her minor son when he lived with her.

From the experience, one child simply could not sleep at night, he woke up for two hours from nightmares. The boy admitted that his mother raped him in an unnatural way at night. With children, the mother and partner had sex. The children walked around the apartment naked, – the press service of the power structure stated.

In addition, they apologized for the details, but said that “the family did not have money for toilet paper, so they did it with rags.” In addition, these scraps of cloth were stuffed into the mouths of children when they were raped.

Note! The adoptive parents told the police that such actions were committed by the mother over her children. It was they who wrote the statement.

Note that law enforcement officers received a statement from the foster family at the end of January 2023 and immediately went to the house of the 29-year-old former mother, from whom the children were taken.

We began to check the declared facts. They confirmed. Therefore, suspicion was announced to the woman and her cohabitant. The woman has now been arrested. We hope that the court will not release her on bail,” the security forces said.

They also clarified that it was about 3 children that the woman gave birth to from different men. Obviously, only experienced psychiatrists can answer the question: why did the mother mock her children so much.

Mother and her partner bullying children: see photos courtesy of TSN police

It should be added that, at the request of the juvenile prosecutors of the Kyiv Regional Prosecutor's Office, the court chose preventive measures for the woman and her combination in the form of detention. It is important that there is no alternative to making a deposit.

Law enforcement officers will conduct an investigation under articles on domestic violence, torture, threats to kill, rape, sexual violence and indecent acts.

In Zaporozhye, teenagers were sent to jail for sexual violence

To this topic about a mother who raped her own children, we should mention another case that was investigated by law enforcement officers in Zaporozhye for a long time. It says that three teenagers bullied their classmate, sexually assaulted him and stole his phone.

In addition, minors forced the student to swallow still burning cigarettes. Actually, it became known that they would be in prison for 7 years.

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