Blinken declared the impossibility of bargaining on the issue of self-determination of Ukraine

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Secretary Blinken: The United States and allies intend to defend Ukraine’s right to self-determination

Блинкен заявил о невозможности торга по вопросу самоопределения Украины

Photo: Bernd Von Jutrczenka / Reuters

The United States, together with its allies, intend to continue to defend Ukraine’s right to self-determination. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said this at a press conference following talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the broadcast is available on the Reuters YouTube channel.

According to the diplomat, bargaining on this issue is impossible, since it concerns “fundamental principles”. “This includes issues related to the restriction of the sovereign right of the Ukrainian people to determine their own future. There can be no bargaining here,” Blinken said.

Earlier, the US Secretary of State said that if Russia really wants to convince the world community that it has no plans to take aggressive actions against Ukraine, it should start proving it in practice — for example, by withdrawing troops from the border. According to the diplomat, Moscow should begin de-escalation, participate in the diplomatic settlement of the problem and conduct a dialogue with other countries.

Earlier, negotiations between Lavrov and Blinken ended in Geneva. The dialogue lasted only an hour and a half. Even before the event, both diplomats said they did not expect any big breakthroughs in the current relations between Russia and the United States from the meeting.

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