Blinken met with Lavrov: the political scientist said how Putin would perceive this meeting


Blinken met with Lavrov: the political scientist said how Putin would perceive this meeting

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke at the G20 summit. Despite the fact that Lavrov speaks to the camera, he heard and understood Blinken regarding the support of Ukraine in the war against the aggressor country.

Thus, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry has an understanding of what is really happening. Political scientist Igor Reyterovich told Channel 24 about this.

Lavrov understood Blinken

However, this does not change the fact that Lavrov largely believes in the inadequate things he says. At the same time, he sees how much support our state receives and understands that the words about supporting Ukraine in the war are not a bluff of our partners.

In the end, the Russian occupiers on the battlefield also see this, given all the equipment that the Armed Forces of Ukraine received.

The political scientist noted that here certain doubts arise as to whether Lavrov conveyed the content of the conversation with Blinken to the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin as required. Thus, the head of the Kremlin has not listened to the vast majority of people from his entourage for a long time.

Reiterovich about the meeting between Blinken and Lavrov: watch the video

Putin has a very narrow group of people to whom he listens, and Lavrov does not belong to it. For example, there was an investigation that reconstructed the events in Russia at the beginning of a full-scale invasion.

According to him, Putin called Lavrov 3 hours before the start. That is, the head of the Foreign Ministry definitely does not belong to the close circle of the Russian dictator.

Will this meeting affect Putin's position?

Lavrov will fulfill his mission as a relay or intermediary. He will tell that he spoke with Blinken and about the position of the United States to support Ukraine for as long as necessary.

How will Putin take it? I think that he will not change his position, like Lavrov. After all, if he or other top officials in Russia had an understanding that they had gotten themselves into a very bad story, they would have tried to demonstrate to Putin that the war had to be ended, because it would only get worse from now on,” the political scientist said.

At the same time, Russian top officials, like ordinary citizens of the aggressor country, are simply going with the flow. They are afraid of Putin and that he can destroy them.

What does this meeting mean for Ukraine?

On the one hand, it is a pity that Lavrov met with Blinken, because Russia really should not be at the G20 summit. However, on the other hand, it may be a good thing that this meeting took place.

It is one thing when the Russian Foreign Ministry comments on the statements of our partners and tries to treat them with disdain. And the other thing is when Lavrov talked with Blinken and saw determination on his face, – the political scientist noted.

In addition, on the eve of this meeting, the United States made a separate statement that Ukraine will decide when and under what conditions to sit down at the negotiating table, and how to liberate our territories. So Blinken could confirm this and, possibly, give Lavrov additional evidence. In particular, about possible cooperation between the Kremlin and Beijing.

What is known about this meeting: briefly

  • The meeting between the US Secretary of State and the Russian Foreign Minister took place at the G20 summit in India.
  • Anthony Blinken confirmed that during a short meeting with Lavrov, he called on him to end the war in Ukraine and participate in negotiations based on the peace plan of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.
  • The diplomat also said that he called on the Russian Foreign Minister to withdraw Russia's “irresponsible decision” to suspend participation in the New START nuclear arms control treaty.

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