Blinken resists the recognition of Russia as a terrorist country: the NYT named the reason


Blinken resists recognizing Russia as a terrorist country: the NYT named the reason

Blinken does not want to recognize Russia as a terrorist country/Channel 24

Every day Russia commits terrorist acts against Ukraine and Ukrainians. The US Senate called for it to be recognized as a terrorist state, but some officials unexpectedly resist.


Russian occupiers have committed terrible crimes against Ukraine and Ukrainians, showing the whole world that they are terrorists and are not going to abide by any rules of war and international norms. The civilized world is already ready to call Russians terrorists, as they deserve, but some officials are still afraid to cut off diplomatic ties with the Kremlin.

The US Senate unanimously supported a resolution recognizing Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. The insane crimes committed by the Russian occupiers, even against prisoners, have opened the eyes of the world that only decisive powerful blows can stop the Russians.

Putin sits at the top of the state terrorist apparatus. The sanctions that we have introduced are very effective, but we must do much more, said South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

But US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is not too sure of this position. In his opinion, sanctions are quite an effective tool and correspond to the status of Russia as a terrorist, but placing the Kremlin on a par with North Korea, Syria, Cuba and Iran can finally break off all diplomatic relations between Washington and Moscow.

” The practical consequences of what sanctions we have imposed and the recognition of Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism are the same,” Blinken said. stop giving the occupiers the status they deserve.

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