Bloody Chinese New Year: in the US found the killer of ten people in California

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Bloody Chinese New Year: US found killer of ten people in California

Official officials say shooter who killed ten people in California is dead.

The body of a suspect in the murder of 10 people was found inside a van in Torrance, authorities said, following a search for what happened in the Los Angeles region.

This is reported by The New York Times.

The suspect shot himself, police said. Officials did not give a motive for the murder, but said they believe an armed man attempted a second attack nearby.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna identified the suspect as a 72-year-old man. Investigators believe that about 20 minutes after the attack in Monterey Park, the man walked into another dance hall in the nearby city of Alhambra, where he was disarmed by two men, and then fled. Nobody was hurt there.

Shortly after county officials said they were looking for a white cargo van, tactical teams cordoned off a vehicle matching that description in Torrance, about a half hour from Monterey Park. They pinned it down with armored vehicles, smashed the windows and entered after more than an hour of intense preparation. Sheriff Luna said evidence found in the van links the man who shot himself to both crime scenes.

The Monterey Park shooting that killed five men and five women occurred around 10:22 p.m. Saturday at a studio ballroom dancing Star in a building on West Garvey Avenue. Earlier in the day, it hosted a festival for Lunar New Year's Eve, a major holiday in many Asian communities.

As a reminder, the United States had earlier experienced a shooting that killed a child.

Earlier, five people were killed in a nightclub shooting in the US.

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