Blue Origin successfully tested a suborbital ship

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Blue Origin successfully tested a suborbital ship

Blue Origin successfully tested a suborbital ship

The American company Blue Origin has successfully completed the 15th tests of the suborbital ship New Shepard, TASS reports.

The launch vehicle with the ship took place at 19:49 Moscow time. The separated carrier returned to the launch pad seven minutes 23 seconds after the launch. After the capsule reached an altitude of 100 kilometers, it returned to the ground and softly landed with parachutes.

Inside the capsule was a special dummy with sensors, which was given the name Skywalker before launch – in honor of the hero of “Star Wars” Luke Skywalker. He passed all the necessary data to the control center.

The New Shepard is capable of carrying six passengers and a payload. It is expected that tourists on this ship will be able to reach the boundary of space and spend about four minutes in zero gravity. The company did not disclose the cost of a suborbital flight, but experts estimate such a flight at about 200-250 thousand dollars.

Blue Origin is owned by Amazon founder and richest man on the planet, Jeff Bezos. It is noted that in addition to it, suborbital flights are also planned to be carried out by the American companies Virgin Atlantic and SpaceX.

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