Boat with saboteurs destroyed in Kherson region


A boat with saboteurs was destroyed in the Kherson region: a comment from the regional radio

Occupiers are trying to identify weaknesses in the Ukrainian defense. However, the armed forces of Ukraine promptly receive information about the movement of the enemy and neutralize it.

ThisChannel 24 was told by First Deputy Chairman of the Kherson Regional Council Yuriy Sobolevsky . He stressed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are aware of any movement of the invaders, so there will be no surprises in the south.

There were reports of the destruction of a boat with a sabotage group of Russians near the islands near Kherson.

Their DRGs from time to time try to probe our defenses, where there may be weak spots in order to carry out certain sabotage operations,” Sobolevsky noted.

However, he assured that this territory is under the fire control of Ukraine and the boat was destroyed to prove this. The Dnieper River is now actually a gray zone, beyond which the enemy is located, therefore Ukrainian troops are conducting enhanced control of this territory.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine promptly receive information

There is information that the Russians are pulling up reserves to the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region. We are talking about the village of Brilovka, which is located on the Kherson-Crimea highway. This settlement became the base of the enemy.

The Kherson Regional Council is aware of a certain movement of the enemy, but they observe informational silence. They assured that the resistance movement in the Kherson region continues, including in its occupied territory. If the military deems it appropriate to comment, they will.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine have the ability, if not online, then very quickly to receive information about any movement of Russian forces,” Sobolevsky added .

The situation in the Kherson region: watch the video

Fighting in the Kherson region: latest

  • The Kherson Regional Council reported that the Russians had set up artillery positions near Kakhovka and Oleshki. The Ukrainian Armed Forces targeted the occupiers there.
  • Chairman of the Kherson Regional Council Oleksandr Samoylenko said that even in the deep rear, the Russians do not feel safe, because the Armed Forces of Ukraine get them almost everywhere.
  • The Ukrainian military prepared a dormitory each in Gavrilovka II in the Kherson region, where hundreds of Russian military were based. The death of at least 20 officers and dozens of occupiers is expected, as well as many wounded.

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