Boeing crash landing with engine engulfed in flames – shocking footage

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No one on board was injured during the emergency landing.

Ryanair flight en route from London to Bologna, made an emergency landing at an Italian airport. The pilots managed to successfully land a plane with one damaged engine.

This is reported by DailyMail.

It is noted that a flock of birds crashed into the plane of flight FR1194, when it was approaching the runway at Marconi airport in Bologna at about 23:30. Some herons crashed into the plane's windshield, splattering blood and blocking the pilots' inspection. Several birds were sucked into the right engine of the plane, causing it to malfunction and explode in flames from under the wing. The pilots miraculously managed to land the plane successfully, despite the fact that the right engine was completely destroyed.

According to local media reports, it was a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 flying FR1194 from London Stansted Airport to Bologna.

Nobody on board was injured as a result of the emergency landing.

Let us remind you that in Spain the plane was urgently landed due to the threat of an explosion on board.

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