Border guards drone poured explosive “gifts” to invaders: epic video


Border guards droned on explosive "gifts" to invaders: epic video

Border guards killed infidels from a drone/Photo from Facebook of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Each of the types of Ukrainian troops destroys the invaders on our land in every possible way. The scale grows every time.

Now the border guards boasted. They managed to destroy the infidels thanks to the drone.

The drone of the border guards found the positions of the infidels in the Kharkiv region and delivered explosive gifts to the zaids, the State Border Service reported.

Now to Russia at least 5 packages with the remnants of infidels will go.

The border guards promise that the Defense Forces of Ukraine will not leave the reconnoitered hostile positions unattended. To be continued.

How the border guards hit the infidels: watch the video

The enemy has significant losses

  • The Russians are losing both manpower and equipment in the war with Ukraine. For example, in the South on July 8, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed about 200 infidels and 42 units of heavy equipment. The situation there is quite complicated, but under our control. The Russians are not advancing, but defending their positions from our attacks.
  • Infidels are also losing their weapons due to the “demilitarization” of their warehouses in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. There, someone constantly smokes in the wrong place and there is a “pop”. Of course, not without the help of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. For example, another “cotton” was reported in the city of Khartsyzsk, in the temporarily occupied territory of Donbass.
  • Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the President's Office, told an interesting story. According to him, there was a case when a Russian soldier surrendered along with a tank. He received a reward of 10 thousand dollars for the technique. True, it is not a fact whether he received them because he surrendered.

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