Boris Johnson wants stadium ban after online racism


“No ifs and buts, no excuses,” said the British Prime Minister after the recent derailments.

Boris Johnson wants stadium ban after online racism

After a wave of racist insults on the Internet against players of the English national football team, the British government wants to ban offenders with stadium bans in the future. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced this in Parliament in London on Wednesday. “If someone is found guilty of racial abuse online, they will not go to the game,” said Johnson, adding, “No ifs, buts, no excuses.”

The background is racist hostility on the Internet against the national players Marcus Rashford, Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho, who did not score in the 2-3 penalty shoot-out in the European Championship final between England and Italy on Sunday evening.

In Great Britain, certain football-related offenses are sanctioned with stadium bans as a deterrent. It does not matter whether the breach of the law took place in a stadium or elsewhere.

Johnson also announced a tougher course on social media companies that do not crack down on hatred in their forums. You would have to expect penalties in the future, emphasized the conservative politician.

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