Borrell's words about reaching “bottom” in relations with Russia were considered an exaggeration

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Borrell's words about reaching

Josep Borrell

The words of the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, that relations between Russia and the European Union “have reached the bottom” are an exaggeration. This opinion was shared by Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the EU Vladimir Chizhov, quoted by TASS

“The conversation in Moscow was difficult, primarily for our partners. But, on the other hand, he was certainly frank, and I think none of the participants will deny that in the end he was highly professional, “Chizhov considered. According to the diplomat, during the talks in Moscow, they discussed not only the differences between Russia and the EU, but also issues in which their positions are close or even coincide.

Chizhov called the behavior of members of the European Parliament at the meeting, where Borrell shared the results of his trip to Russia, “outright hysteria.” However, according to him, even in such conditions, the head of European diplomacy confirmed the need for a dialogue between Moscow and Brussels.

Borrell was in Russia on an official visit from 4 to 6 February. On February 5, he met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. A few days later, the head of EU diplomacy allowed the introduction of new sanctions against Russia. He also accused Moscow of unwillingness to restore constructive relations with Europe.

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