“Boyars came to the serfs”: how the Russian military behave in Belarus


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The Kremlin sends mobilized to Belarus. They are forbidden to maintain contacts with the Belarusian military or civilians.

The founder of the Belarusian “White Legion” Sergei Bulba spoke about this forChannel 24.

“The boyars came to the serfs. This is very eloquent on the part of the Russians. It is impossible to hide. Relations even at the command level are such that they do not want to have much contact with the Belarusians,” Bulba said.

Pay attention – Sergei Bulba about the occupiers in Belarus: watch the video

Distrust of Belarusians

According to the expert, Russians and Belarusians solve common problems. For example, now there are exercises when Belarusians are escorting Russian bombers.

That is, there is interaction, but Russian structures do not recommend creating contacts on a personal level. Moreover, the Russians do not have confidence in the Belarusians, both civilians and military. The Russians see that the Belarusians are passing a lot of information to the Ukrainians,” Bulba said. dir=”ltr”>

  • The military exercises in Belarus have been going on since April 29, 2022. They are constantly being continued.
  • Another Belarusian training ground is used for joint training with the Russians. We are talking about the Ruzhany training ground.
  • At the American Institute for the Study of War, the Russians may be preparing an attack from Belarus at the end of 2023.
  • Analysts of the “Belarusian Gayun” reported that before the border of Belarus with Ukraine overturns combat helicopters.
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